Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Devs say the campaign won't tell gamers who are right or wrong

    <pre><pre>Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Devs say the campaign won't tell gamers who are right or wrong

    Large publications of video games are fascinated by topics around real politics. In recent interviews, most if not all questions addressed to developers in the "current year" deal with politics. In today's case we have that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers who explain how the upcoming FPS title will not take political sides and make subjective statements on the sides depicted in the Q4 2019 shooter.

    Instead, the developers want to ask the question "what will happen to the people and proxies competing for super powers on both sides of the spectrum?" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & # 39; s campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff and studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki explained the above to GameInformer when asked: "if this game is political."

    Website has written the video of GameInformer, which you can see below:

    In case you skipped the video, Minkoff explains the following to the GameInformer interviewer when asked if Modern Warfare & # 39; political & # 39; is:

    "I don't think it's a political game. But the thing is, people read it in different ways, right? That means nothing. The question & # 39; is this a political game? & # 39; because what does the word & # 39; politics & # 39; mean to you? do we touch topics that resemble the geopolitics of the world we live in today? Hell yes, because that is the subject of Modern Warfare. that has anything to do with the specific governments of all the countries that we screen? No. If you ask, & # 39; is Trump in the video game? & # 39; No, he isn't. & # 39;

    Minkoff further explains his point by saying:

    “(…) Say if you wanted a situation where I would say that & # 39; yes, it's a political story & # 39 ;, I should tell a story about specifically the exact governments and governments and events in our world today. We are talking about thematic things (in Modern Warfare), I think we should have a perspective on them and we don't. We want to present different perspectives. We do not want to say that one of them is correct.

    Towards the end, Minkoff would explain that this game is not going to push left or right or right or wrong, but instead focus on the story and gameplay that follows different perspectives and why these characters do what they do:

    “(…) We want to present different perspectives, we don't want to say that one of them is right, because we want you to understand how these people feel. This is why they fight. This is the outcome (the situation). We want you to get away at the end and understand why all these different groups are fighting. & # 39;

    I should say that this piece does not defend Activision of Infinity Ward, but to emphasize that the usual suspects (Polygon and Kotaku) are probably & # 39; articles & # 39; places where it says how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare must be "more political", as demonstrated by GameInformer.


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