Capcom sends malicious ambassador letters sent to a small group to test a new game

    <pre><pre>Capcom sends malicious ambassador letters sent to a small group to test a new game

    Capcom has revived many of its older titles and continued classic IP's such as Devil May Cry and the Resident Evil series. Well, with the company proud of its line-up of games, it seems that gamers and fans are in for a surprise, given that there is a & # 39; new unknown title & # 39; in the making.

    There is very little in the wild regarding this new Capcom project. What is known is that the Resident Evil Ambassador team gathers people from Japan and now from the US to test what this game is.

    A person named Patrick Copeland went to Twitter today to announce that he has received an email from Capcom Resident Evil Ambassador team, explaining that he can try out a new title that is in an early development:

    Of course many people believe that this secret game is new Resident Evil mainline game or remake, although it could be a spin-off Umbrella Corps. Anyway, it is certain that this new game is an ambassador project and that it is ongoing.

    Publication site claims that very secret sessions will take place in Los Angeles on September 20, 2019 and in New York on September 23, 2019.

    Moreover, the game is still under development, so we will not hear about it soon. Unless someone leaks information or Capcom uses its time on Gamescom 2019 to announce it, but time will tell.

    That said, what do you think Capcom is planning and making? What is known so far is that participants must register for the program and have played an earlier one Resident Evil game.


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