Epic games and THQ Nordic are said to take a stand against loot boxes

    <pre><pre>Epic games and THQ Nordic are said to take a stand against loot boxes

    Epic Games is best known for its recent and controversial products such as Fortnite and the infamous Epic Games Store. Despite those two things, it seems that Epic and THQ Nordic from the big boy Tim Sweeney "stand up" against loot boxes.

    In a recent report from gamesindustry.biz, the website was given the opportunity to talk to Epic Games about the recent ESA announcement regarding Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo & # 39; s policy on disclosing loot-box opportunities. This is what Epic told the website:

    “Earlier this year, the Fortnite Save the World team made a change that showed players every item they would get in a paid llama before they opened it. Earlier this week, the Psyonix team announced a similar change that would come later this year to pay for crates in the Rocket League. In the future we strive for the same transparency for player purchases in all Epic Games titles. "

    The publication site also mentioned THQ Nordic which weighs on the disclosure of loot boxes and adds them to their games. This is what THQ Nordic had to say about the ESA announcement:

    In the event that you cannot read the THQ Nordic tweets, the company says that the ESA has not asked them to comment on the situation. However, THQ Nordic claims that they have not published any game with loot-box mechanics and that they do not intend to implement casino-like mechanics in their games.

    Given that THQ Nordic is allegedly undergoing a radical move not to add casino-like mechanics or loot boxes to their games, the publication site asked Epic Games to comment further on whether this policy will extend to games published in the Epic Games Store, and not just titles that are specifically published by Epic. However, Epic did not comment on this letter.

    Anyway, if the ESA words have something to offer, the disclosure policy will start sometime in 2020.


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