Hollow Knight Cheats give you infinite Geo, unlimited health

    <pre><pre>Hollow Knight Cheats give you infinite Geo, unlimited health

    Team Cherry & # 39; s Hollow knight became a sleepy success of 2017. The game was released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch after becoming a bestseller on Steam. The team is now hard at work on the sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong, which clearly replaces the hero with a female lead, because that is literally how the current sociopolitical subversion works, but for those of you who stick to the original there are some updated cheats that you can make good use of.

    The first trainer can be downloaded for free from Mr. Antifun.

    The trainer contains the following Hollow knight cheats:

    • Do not touch me
    • Unlimited Mana
    • Unlimited Geo
    • Unlimited jumps

    The trainer has recently been updated to include the most recent patches for the game, so it should work without problems.

    The trainer has just about everything you need to cheat your way through the game, with no problems or obstacles to slow you down.

    There is another free trainer available for download on WeMod.com.

    The trainer has the following cheats for Hollow knight:

    • Do not touch me
    • Unlimited Mana
    • Unlimited Geo
    • Unlimited jumps

    Now some people had problems with the unlimited Geo-cheat that didn't work. However, there is a solution for using the WeMod trainer. Just open the game, then press Alt-Tab and select play in the trainer's WeMod and the cheat should work.

    It is not much different than the Mr. Antifun trainer, but a free alternative is still a free alternative.

    The following cheat trainer is available from Megadev.info.

    The trainer has the following cheat options for Hollow knight:

    • 100 Geo
    • Increases your GEO!
    • Refill mana / focus
    • Refill lives
    • Player invincibility ON
    • Player invincibility OFF

    Switching the invincibility on and off is pretty handy, just like the endless amounts of Geo. Now the MegaDev trainer comes in premium and free options, with the free option that allows you to build up infinite amounts of Geo. So that's a pretty cool performance there.

    There are no special requirements for the cheats to work, and the trainer has been updated to include the latest patches for Team Cherry's Metroidvania hack-and-slash platform game.

    The next trainer is a premium, but it works not only on PC, but also on Xbox One. You can get it from Cheat Happens.

    The trainer has the following Hollow knight cheats:

    • Unlimited health
    • Unlimited soul
    • Unlimited jumps
    • Add coins
    • No enemy collisions

    This is another recently updated trainer, so it works with the latest version of Hollow knight on Steam and via Windows 10. This also works with the Game Pass version of the game, which gives you access to Microsoft's Play Anywhere feature between Windows 10, Surface and Xbox One apps. This means that if you use the cheats on the Windows version of Hollow knight and then save your game in your Xbox Live profile, you can then import it into your Xbox One version of the game, using all the cheats applied to the PC version, which is very, very, very handy .

    Last but not least is a free cheat table for the Cheat Engine, which you can download from Fearless Revolution:

    The cheat table has the following options for Hollow knight:

    • Max player health
    • Max player options
    • Max upgrades
    • Max keys
    • Max spells
    • Instant diary updates
    • Kill selected enemy
    • Mapping teleport

    The cheat tables give you access to much more than what is mentioned. These are just the categories that you can manipulate, but you can basically split each category into subcategories and then manipulate the cheats from there.

    Just about every option is supported through the trainer and has been updated to work with the latest version of the game, so check that out.

    Hollow knight is currently available on home consoles and PCs, including the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, and you can get a digital copy from the relevant store. For more info about Hollow Knight: Silksong, you can visit the Steam store page.


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