Outer Wilds Gameplay Walkthrough

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    Many people probably forgot the Mobius Digital & # 39; s The Outer Wilds since it was launched in the Epic Games Store for PC and nobody cares about the Epic Games Store. Many others probably forgot it too, although it was also launched on the Xbox One, mainly because no one cares about the Xbox anymore. Even if you need help defeating the game, there are some walkthroughs available.

    The first walkthrough shows you how you can beat the game in less than 30 minutes. Impressive, right? Well, you can watch it for yourself thanks to YouTuber AJBRUN.

    The game starts with the player character that wakes up.

    As soon as you wake up, turn 90 degrees to the left and head to the rocky platforms lit by the lanterns on the ground.

    Go all the way up and around the platform and then jump to the floor below at the edge of the railing.

    Cross the rickety wooden bridge and follow the sign with & # 39; Observatory & # 39; over the other bridges that lead through the small village and around the cliff where another sign points to the observatory.

    Follow the path all the way to the up and then turn 180 degrees when you reach the top and go to the small plank bridge over the waterfall.

    Go down and into the wooden observatory and then go up the spiral slope to the top of the observatory. Talk to the alien guy and tell him, "I'm going to fly it!"

    Tell him you're ready to "get rid of this rock!"

    The alien gives you the start codes, which are: – | – .. | -.

    Go back up the slope and use the translator by holding the right bumper on the broken wall just to the left of the slope when you came out of the observation center.

    Outer Wilds - Translation

    Use the Signalscope by pressing & # 39; Y & # 39; pressing the Xbox One controller on the alien bust with multiple eyes in the next room called Nomai.

    The eyes will open and absorb your memories.

    When you're done rape your eyes, go outside and talk to the ugly little alien villain on the path that descends from the observatory.

    Tell him the "statue glowed".

    Select the top dialogue option as the next answer and then continue along the path.

    Keep going down the slope and then go to the elevator to the right of the fire.

    The elevator takes you to the spaceship.

    Go to the navigation and select Attlerock. Go to the helm and navigate to the planet.

    Outer Wilds - seems lonely here

    Leave the ship and talk to the alien in the rocking chair by the fire. Select the first dialog option and when he asks you if there was something you wanted to ask, tell him: "It seems lonely here".

    Respond with the top dialogue option in the following series and then ask him in the following series: "What is this place?"

    Then ask him what he whistles, and he will point you to the North Pole on your mini-map.

    Go back in your ship, navigate and connect to the Ash Twin that revolves around the sun. Send a scout to the Twin axis and then land on the sandy part of the planet.

    Go outside and go to a cylindrical ruin. Wait until the structure comes out of the sand and a doorway appears. Wait for the second planet to come around again and then go through the doorway as the sand is sucked to the second planet and there will be a portal where you can enter – you have to act quickly or you will miss it.

    Once inside, continue with the removal of the translator and read the translations on the side of the wall.

    Outer worlds - Translations

    Go to the part of the area where a blue sphere will roll to the iron pipe and wait until it reaches the top. Use the jetpack to take the warp core by pressing "X" on the Xbox One controller.

    Go back through the teleporter in the first room and return to your ship.

    Leave the planet and use your star map to navigate to Dark Bramble.

    Carefully navigate into the nexus of the Dark Bramble and go slowly to the red light.

    When you get close enough to the opening, you leave the ship and enter the red light. Inside you see some creatures floating around. Continue to the red light.

    When you reach the red light, turn right and go through the thorny vines.

    What you are looking for is a glowing cluster with light emanating from it – go inside.

    Outer Worlds - Glowing Node

    Once inside, go to the electrical junction with the skeletons floating around. Enter the corridor and place the core of the chain in the mechanism.

    Go to the tablet and complete the puzzle by moving the blue button around the block. The first must have the shape as shown in the image below.

    Outer Wilds - Block 1

    The second block must be in an hourglass formation, starting from the bottom left and working with you
    bottom right.

    Outer Wilds - Block 2

    The third block must start at the bottom left and work at the top right, as shown in the image below.

    Outer Wilds - Block 3

    This should complete the warp core puzzle. When done, the block will drop and the blue sphere will teleport you to a new location.

    There is another blue sphere in a device when you step out of the teleporter; you have to move it to the other side of the floor and it will teleport you into a dark void.

    Turn around and head south.

    Keep going south until you reach the trees – this will replenish your oxygen.

    Keep going south until you reach the south pole – there is a giant crater. Enter the crater but go up against the wall until you fall into a dark hole and finally fall back into the empty observatory. Go up the slope to the top of the observatory and press & # 39; X & # 39; in the diorama in the middle of the room.

    The map zooms completely out so that you can view the entire solar system.

    Push back in the direction of the solar system and it will lead you to a forest full of trees and small sparks from different galaxies.

    Go through the forest until you leave the light and keep moving until you get a message that there is an unknown signal nearby. Use the Signalscope to follow the signal. When you reach it, it will be a double. Keep moving until you reach the campfire – light the campfire and roast a marshmallow.

    Leave the area and then come back and there will be a rocking chair. Leave the area without coming back and the alien will be in the rocking chair.

    Outer Wilds - Hear your music

    Talk to the alien and he will ask you "Do you hear music?" Use the Signalscope to detect the sound of a banjo in a decayed structure made of sandstone.

    Go inside and communicate with the banjo.

    Go back to the campfire and there will be another traveler with a banjo. Use the Signalscope to follow the sound of drums just past the campsite and then zoom in to see the floating bongos in the room.

    Another instrument is playing and you must detect it using the Signalscope.

    It is an accordion that leads to the mouth of a monster. Follow the sound until you reach the item on the tree trunk.

    The next is an oboe, which is located in the trees.

    Talk to all travelers at the campfire who are starting to play their instruments.

    Outer Wilds - Music By The Campfire

    As soon as they all start playing the music, wait for the planet to grow and then jump in as soon as it is big enough. After that the sun will explode and the game ends.


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