President Trump calls for the regulation of violent video games

    <pre><pre>President Trump calls for the regulation of violent video games

    It has been said before, but it must again say: gamers have no allies. The left want censored games where they contain sexy women or fan services, and the right want censored games when it comes to violence and gore. Both sides hate gamers. Gamers have no allies.

    That sentiment was made so clear in a recent speech by President Trump in the aftermath of the shooting of Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas that took place during the weekend, where he blamed mental illness and violent video games for the shooting. He stated that federal agencies would work with social media to curb shootings before they occur and that a form of regulation should be established against violent video games.

    President Trump spends most of the clip about preventing recordings, but then focuses on violent video games …

    “We need real two-part solutions, we have to do that, in a two-part way that will make America truly safer and better for everyone. First we must better identify the early warning signs and act accordingly.

    “I instruct the Justice Department to work with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as social media companies to develop tools that mass shooters can detect before they strike.

    “As an example, the monster at Parkland High School in Florida had many red flags against him, but no one took decisive action. Nobody has done anything. Why not?

    “Secondly, we must stop the glorification of violence in our society, including the horrifying and horrible video games that are now commonplace. Today it is too easy for troubled young people to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop this or reduce it considerably and it must start immediately. "

    You can watch the full speech on the C-Span YouTube channel, where Trump essentially resembled the type of preventive crime methods used by President Xi Jingping on mainland China, whose party uses face recognition and a social credit system to target potential criminals punish before they do anything.

    The speech is peppered with pro-censorship, especially about tackling potential terrorists before they strike and following social media and acting before anything is done. This is not even the first time that Trump has argued for the regulation of video games. Last year during the Parkland shooting in the media, he also called for "terror ratings" to be added to video games, while other Republicans are responsible for censorship and increased tax on violent games.

    This seems to be related to the same kind of censorship that we applied after the Christchurch shooting, with different countries swearing to curb "hate speech" and "hateful content" online by signing the Christchurch call, which is basically any kind of content that goes against their authoritarian ideology can be labeled as & # 39; hateful & # 39; and be taken offline.

    Many left-wing experts will defend the emerging censorship methods as a means of control, but in the end it will affect them in ways they cannot imagine quickly after restricting and punishing the people they don't like. We already see that playing with YouTube's censorship, which effectively erased historical records to rewrite history.

    In fact, the story of Trump and others is that the Dayton shooter was a white supremacist, but factual evidence shows that he was an anti-right, communist.

    Death Metal did a full analysis of the shooter's profile and revealed that he was part of an Antifa-bound band called Menstral Munchies. You can view the video posted on a Facebook page.

    4chan also took a deep dive into his social media profiles before the agencies scraped them off the net, and it indeed revealed that he used the typical left language often found in Antifa circles.

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    In short, we see a media propaganda campaign that is unraveled in real time, because both the left and the right are taking steps to censor the internet, take away your games and limit your liberties.

    Right now it seems that propagandists want people to rebel through revolution, because they are constantly poking the bear and looking for a response.

    (Thank you for the news Gemma Han and Robert de Sandford)


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