Soph & # 39; s Patreon account banned, merchandise banned after bonfire after YouTube Ban

    <pre><pre>Soph & # 39; s Patreon account banned, merchandise banned after bonfire after YouTube Ban

    YouTuber Soph had her account banned after focusing on the Rainbow Reich, criticizing the alphabet soup agenda and ridiculing the propagandists who force it on America's youth. YouTube prohibited the account on the basis of & # 39; hate speech & # 39 ;, a collective name that is basically used to censor anyone who gives opinions that YouTube or Google do not like. After YouTube's ban, Soph was also banned from Patreon and online e-tailer, Bonfire.

    Reclaim The Net reported that Soph & # 39; s merchandise store became axed, which she mentioned on her Twitter account on August 6, 2019.

    It's true. If you try to visit her Bonfire merchandise page that Soph has linked on her Bitchute channel, you will be greeted with the following message.

    Some suggested that Soph would visit the Proud Boys store as an alternative to her merchandise.

    This only happens a few days after Patreon has also deleted Soph's account. As with Bonfire, if you try to visit Soph's Patreon account that she has linked to her Bitchute channel, this returns the following message.

    According to Reclaim The Net, Sophreon's account was closed on 2 August 2019.

    So there is a systematic approach to destroying Soph & # 39; s presence and ability to make money online with her.

    She has set up a Bitchute channel, in which her previous video & # 39; s along with her latest content, including the video & # 39; Pride & Prejudice & # 39; which resulted in her exile from YouTube.

    It has become a rather troubling and inevitable trend in which anyone who speaks in some way against left-wing ideological indoctrination is immediately banned, his financial accounts closed and in fact put in a position where he can go bankrupt. It all looks very much like the way China's social credit system works, where they are literally trying to go bankrupt on those who have been guilty of wrong thinking in order to get them to straighten out or be banned from civil society. .. forever.

    We have seen similar tactics used to demonize and financially paralyze the Proud Boys, as well as tactics to prevent organizations such as Super Happy Fun America from receiving donations because electronic financial institutions such as PayPal have forbidden them from receiving money for the Straight Pride Parade.

    Soph now gets the wrath of the left and we see how many links govern when it comes to seemingly everyday organizations.

    Normal people should fear the level of censorship exerted by major tech and is employed by any other company that basically makes it impossible for you to live comfortably, simply because you disagree with the regular propaganda stories. Unfortunately, most people prefer to put their heads in the sand and pretend that censorship is not that important … until they step on their doorstep and use the hammer of silence to pave their way into your life.

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