Star Wars Is Awesome: That Disney Sci Fi Series Sucks Tho!

    Star Wars

    As many of you know, that shitty sci fi fan fiction series hit Disney Star Wars note sucks ass dick. From the lack of story telling to the feeling that the space is filled with too many people, the "Star Wars" franchise has fallen financially faster than the wife of a soy boy on Chad's dick. All kidding aside, the series is dead for so many people who grew up with the franchise. And those who should be the next generation of Star Wars fans bought a one-way ticket on the Hogwarts Express for every spot where no Star Wars movie was shown.

    Now I'm not going to repeat what Bloomberg and Breitbart have to say about the franchise, because I was one Star Wars geek growing up. While my older brother and father were playing baseball, I hurled the extra bat that we brought as the damned Star Wars Kid at speed. To be honest, his movements were better, because double-edged light cables were not a thing when I was a kid. I wander, because this is not about me. It's about Disney disguising a handjob and still expecting to get his five dollars.

    See the reason Star Wars is currently failing because it is alone Star Wars in name. Disney has sucked the soul out of the franchise and tried to put SJW nonsense in the gap that he made. To call a fanbase that Mara Jade embraced – and actively asked for her to shine in a potential episode 7 prior to the Disney buyout – "sexist" or "misogynistic" is a thing of the past. Disney went and did it anyway because Disney went to the Star Wars fans and saw a bunch of easily bullied geeks. To be honest, the fandom admitted and watched The Force awakens with utterly damn cheerfulness when Disney became raw and didn't even bother giving them a hand.

    However, with every movie that took off Disney shit and hit the Star Wars name, fewer and fewer fans were willing to suck on the teats. Disney, not someone to learn a lesson easily, doubled and tripled and called fans increasingly bad names because they dared to turn their nose to the horse-dung plate that daddy Disney dedicated. And, in all his recklessness, Disney forgot that today's kids don't have the same nostalgia Star Wars that my generation and the Boomers have. So the children were even less inclined to eat their shit sandwich and declare it "tasty"!

    So now Disney has one of the most well-known and beloved franchises where not one, not two, but three generations are not interested in, as can be seen clearly from the fall in sales mentioned in the Breitbart and Bloomberg documents.

    Bravo Disney, you managed to ruin so badly that people started calling Jar Jar Bink cinematic gold. Of course if the fans don't want to watch Star Wars movies, for God's sake they won't scoop up the toys and visit the theme park. All because Disney was too stupid to spend a few dollars to adjust the beloved and much desired Star Wars extended universe and put that bastard on screens. The saddest part is that the extended universe had checked all the nonsense SJW boxes so that they would have received the "woke" street cred and the money. I'm so fed up with this nonsense that I can't even write anymore. Fuck it, that's it. Go out in the comments section.


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