Taimumari: Complete Edition, Hardcore 2D Platformer is launched on Switch

    <pre><pre>Taimumari: Complete Edition, Hardcore 2D Platformer is launched on Switch

    If you're looking for a hardcore 2D hack-and-slash platform game that challenges you, forces you to frustrate and makes you re-evaluate your life as a gamer, be sure to check out the retro-themed title of Ternox and Victory Road Taimumari: Complete edition for the Nintendo Switch.

    The game is currently available in the Nintendo eShop for £ 11.99. The game contains a young female wizard who is looking for a balance in time around the world. That is literally the plot description for the game.

    The actual gameplay itself is like a fast, run-and-slash platform game, almost like a mix between the old 8-bit Super Mario spell, Super meat boyand X-caliber 2097, all packed in a chibi-tired art style. You have to challenge a number of bosses in the different worlds of the game, and discover what has led them to the dark side or fight and kill them.

    You can view the gameplay trailer for Taimumari: Complete edition Below.

    There is definitely a charming Japanese aesthetic for the art design, but the gameplay is far from happy. Some of those platform challenges seem to give you a headache and cause you to throw $ 80 Joy-Cons on the wall.

    However, there is a warning to make the transition from one level to the next a lot easier for you: time and space control.

    You may notice that the wizard Himari falls through the trailer into a pit and then rewinds and cancels the jump.

    I'm not sure how much of the rewind mechanism can be misused to overcome the obstacles, but given how ridiculous some of those segments were, I doubt that you can abuse the feature too much.

    Anyway, while Sony is collecting futile titles and smelly lesbian murder simulators, the Nintendo Switch is building a library of heavy games for fan services, challenging platform players and original titles that are actually fun to play. Moreover, they have no censorship policy such as Sony.

    So if you want to play real games on a real console, take a look Taimumari: Complete edition via the regional Nintendo eShop.


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