Thomas Puha from Remedy says that PC control is not downgraded

    <pre><pre>Thomas Puha from Remedy says that PC control is not downgraded

    Not long ago, publisher 505 Games and developer Remedy released control PC requirements for the Epic Games Store. The specifications at the controversial store were ridiculous and made people laugh at the whole situation. Recently, control The PC requirements have been lowered and now Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy, claims that the game has not undergone any downgrades.

    Although the game is in mass production because it is going gold, the minimum and recommended PC specifications told a different story at the end of July. Early August & # 39; designed & # 39; the developers have the PC specifications of the game, but some people think the game is being played non-optimized, but time will tell.

    As it looks now, people on the net still talk about the above, including the place that serves as a portal for human degeneration: Resetera (

    Although this forum contains real doxing, intimidation campaigns and other harmful things, the Puha of Remedy went to the forum for some reason to answer some questions.

    And just like timepiece, Puha came across the above-mentioned topic regarding Control, which comes from user -IZHAN-:

    "Remedy Entertainment recently lowers PC control requirements so that the game is now downgraded?"

    Puha's answer sees the contractions of "it is" (it is) and "it" (the pronoun) confused in an attempt to discredit control as a victim of the so-known downgrade monster:

    "No, it is not downgraded."

    Puha's answer to the curious user on the horrible forum consists only of words without concrete evidence. Unfortunately we have to wait for August 27, 2019 to roll around to see if the game has been optimized correctly.

    Furthermore, it is worth noting that witty developers often wait a week or two weeks before they reveal the PC specifications of a game to ensure that such a situation does not occur. But as mentioned earlier, we will discover how optimized Check is at launch.


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