Tina: Swordswoman Of The Scarlet Prison now available with R18 + patch

    <pre><pre>Tina: Swordswoman Of The Scarlet Prison now available with R18 + patch

    Shinachiku-Castella and Kagura Games have announced that Tina: Swordwoman of the Scarlet Prison has been officially launched in various digital distribution centers, both in censored and uncensored form. For the censored version of the game you can purchase the R18 + uncensored patch for free.

    The version for all ages is available at the Steam Store for $ 14.99, but you will receive a 20% discount during the first week it is on sale. Because it is censored, you must download the R18 + patch for the H scenes, which you can purchase for free on the Kagura Games website.

    The patch is for the English version of the game, but you only need it if you decide to download the version for all ages of Steam.

    Alternatively, you can get the R18 + version of various other alternatives without downloading the patch separately. This includes Jast USA, which has the game available for a DRM-free download for just $ 14.99 with a launch week discount of 20% on the digital store.

    If you prefer your games from Fakku! To get it, you can do this by buying the game from their digital store page for the same price as the other two. The only big difference is that on Fakku !, you get an easily readable tag system, so that you can determine whether or not it contains the type of content you are looking for from an H-title.

    The game sees players choose from two protagonists because it follows the sexually juicy girls to the village of Durham, where people are possessed to commit a wave of crimes, much like what happens with the migrant crisis in Germany, Sweden and Britain .

    It is up to Tina to discover what makes people commit these crimes, while also being confronted with an old enemy.

    In addition to gangbang and orgies, there is also an RPG experience in which you travel around and defeat monsters, level up and story with Tina, her curse of lust, and her attempt to thwart the curse of the witch while helping people from the village of Durham.

    You can now grab a digital copy of the game along with the R18 + patch. Also keep in mind that the game is completely uncensored; there are no mosaics or black bars or white rabbits. You get to see everything!

    (Thank you for the new Guardian EvaUnit02)


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