Utawarerumono: ZAN Character Trailer Previews Nekone, Maroro, Atuy, Uruuru And Saraana

    <pre><pre>Utawarerumono: ZAN Character Trailer Previews Nekone, Maroro, Atuy, Uruuru And Saraana

    A new trailer for the upcoming hack-and-slash title from NIS and Aquaplus contains some of the extra playable characters in the exclusive PS4, Utawarerumono: ZAN.

    The trailer contains the characters Nekone, the child wizard who uses a staff and some handy magic attacks to thwart enemies. Her basic melee attacks are not that impressive, but her special movement looks pretty cool.

    The learned Maroro is depicted as a frightened but resilient magician who uses his clumsy fighting style to send enemies, while Atuy shows some of the best looking animations in the game with many traditional sword fighting techniques and a fairly clear reference to the Dynasty Warriors inspiration that feeds the battle in the game.

    The dance duo of Uruuru and Saraana have a very unique fighting style, in that they spin, turn and move around the battlefield as if they were mating in a ballroom dance competition.

    We don't get much of such fighters, so at least it's nice to see it – despite the obvious rip-off of the game Dynasty Warriors – some unique character designs and fighting styles have been added to the game to separate it from the herd.

    The biggest disadvantage is that the game is exclusive to PlayStation 4. This automatically means that it has been watered down or adjusted to Sony censorship standards. It is a shame, because many games are cut off creatively due to Sony's censorship policy.

    Nevertheless, if you were interested in this Utawarerumono: ZAN you can see if the game will be launched on September 13, 2019 exclusively for the PS4. I can't imagine a niche game like this in a significant way in the sales charts, but hopefully they consider sending it to the Nintendo Switch, since Nintendo doesn't force game developers to censor their games like Sony does.


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