WoW Wednesday: The Noble Garden!

    <pre><pre>WoW Wednesday: The Noble Garden!

    The great festival of Noblegarden has long been celebrated by the races of the Alliance and in more recent years it was taken over by the races of the Horde. During this joyful celebration, it is customary for nobles and gentlemen of every race to hide coins, sweets, and occasional treasures in special eggs painted to resemble wildflowers in Azeroth. Based on the long druid festivals of the past, Noblegarden as the inhabitants of Azeroth now know that it is a mix of ancient Kaldorei history and modern youthful power.

    During the celebration of Noblegarden, the World of Warcraft takes a different tone, much more relaxed compared to other World events throughout the year. During the celebration of Noblegarden, the towns of Azeroth are sprinkled with delicacies and surprises hidden in the simple Noblegarden Egg. This week we will look at the holiday and give you the steps needed to become a noble yourself!

    Unlike other major holidays, there is no major event associated with Noblegarden. Everything related to the holiday can be completed by picking up brightly colored eggs around the cities of the Alliance (Goldshire, Kharanos, Dolanaar and Azure Watch), the Horde (Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village and Falconwing Square) and Shattrath. These eggs often drop Noblegarden Chocolates, which is not only a delicious sweet treat, but also serves as the currency for the season to buy vanity items. Players can also find cosmetic equipment in their eggs, such as rabbit ears, entire dresses, or a little downy friend to call your own.

    An adventurer and his downy friend!

    As such, both your desire to collect items during the event and the completion of Noble Gardener's meta-performance are fully linked to your desire to collect eggs. That is why we advise you to look for eggs for your server during VERY off-peak times, otherwise you will find more competition than you would like. It is also advisable to search in Brill for the Horde or Dolanaar for the Alliance with the recent world changes in Battle for Azeroth. Just talk to Zidormi and you will be transported to a time where you can collect these delicious treats.

    The meta-achievement for Noblegarden is the Noble Gardener, which is a requirement for the What a Long, Strange Trip It & # 39; s Been holiday meta and will award the title . The list is actually much shorter than most other World events and can easily be completed in an evening if you are lucky or without much competition. All in all, you need around 305 Noblegarden chocolates to complete your meta performance, although any item of clothing that you need can also fall out of your egg hunt. It is recommended not to release any eggs until you have found all the eggs you need.

    I found one! is by far the easiest to complete. Just plunder your first brightly colored egg!

    Chocolate Lover and Chocoholic are two achievements associated with the same meta chain. All you have to do is look for a hundred brightly colored eggs and the delicious Noblegarden chocolate food that can be found there! And don't worry, unlike Hallow & # 39; s End you won't get stomach upset if you eat too much candy.

    Desert Rose is the first of the various outfit-related performances. First you have to collect the Spring Robes by buying them from the holiday suppliers for 50 Noblegarden Chocolates or finding them in a brightly colored egg. By equipping the robes, you can activate their use, so that a flower is planted at your feet. Once you have them on, simply travel to each of the five zones listed and plant a flower anywhere in them.

    Blushing Bride requires that you kiss someone wearing an elegant dress while wearing a white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo pants. This clothing also has the chance to fall from brightly colored eggs, reducing the chocolates needed to complete your meta. Completion for this achievement is only rewarded for those who use the Spring Tuxedo two-piece set, not the tuxedo set that tailors can make. Because these items are not binding when you pick them up, you can also buy them at the auction house or exchange clothing with a friend (if you feel adventurous).

    Hard Boiled is perhaps the most complicated performance on this list, purely because of the logistics. After you have been made a rabbit polymorphic, either by opening Brightly colored eggs or transformed by a flowering branch, you must travel to the Golakka hot springs in Un’Goro Crater and lay an egg. Because most cities where eggs are collected are either too far north of Kalimdor, and taking off will drive the polymorph away, you have to run to Un & # 39; goro on foot (be careful not to fight or get hit on the way) or a friend transforms you in the Hot Springs.

    Once you get there, you just spend a few moments somewhere in the Hot Springs until you lay an egg!

    Spring Fling requires that you go to the four cities of your faction to celebrate Noblegarden and your pet is looking for Spring Rabbit to mate with. The Spring Rabbit Battle Pet is one of the various items that have the ability to come from the brightly colored eggs. With your pet in hand, you can go to any of the four cities and find another player with a Spring Rabbit pet. After a few moments when the rabbits notice each other, the magic will happen. Yes, it is exactly what you think it means.

    Noble Garden requires players to hide an egg in their respective city of nobles. These eggs can be purchased from suppliers and can be looted after you have dropped them for a Noblegarden chocolate and maybe another item. Horde players must hide their eggs in Silvermoon City, while Alliance players must hide them in Stormwind.

    Shake Your Bunny-Maker is the latest achievement for Noble Gardener and is the hardest on the list to complete. Players must first collect their Spring flowers from the local vendor or a brightly colored egg before they go hunting for their potential victims. With your flowers in hand, players must now find other players of at least 18th level, placing rabbit ears on their heads. Yes, it is exactly what you think it means.

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