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Capcom is preparing a new game in the universe of Resident Evil

Capcom has announced the announcement of the new Project Resistance project on the horror movie Resident Evil. Developers will show a teaser of the game on September 9.

A full-fledged presentation of Project Resistance will take place at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Visitors to the event also will be able to try game at the company stand. The exhibition will be held from September 12 to 15.

The last game in the cult series was a remake of Resident Evil 2. In its review, Indian Chronicle said that the authors managed to find the perfect balance of the remake, maintaining the atmosphere of the original and introducing new and, most importantly, relevant game elements.

Many people are wary of remakes. For this, first of all, it is worth thanking filmmakers who several dozen mediocre paintings were fed to viewers several years ago. The initial idea of ​​introducing a new generation to beautiful classics often turned into a banal pursuit of money. As in the case of the film industry and its 3D alterations, a whole wave of remasters passed in the gaming industry not so long ago. These are not quite remakes, but updated versions of projects, the main feature of which was improved graphics. All the main filling of the original game at the same time almost always remained untouched. 

Players are not faced with remakes not so often, but with good ones – even less. And therefore, in 2015, the community was very enthusiastic about the news that Capcom was working on a remake of the 1998 horror movie Resident Evil 2. Previously, the Japanese have already successfully proved in the first part that they can make a new version of the cult survival horror, which is so scary and interesting to play. However, this time, the developers, in addition to graphical updates, decided to go even further: they not only modified the original locations and added new ones, but also got rid of the fixed camera in favor of the view from the shoulder and used the engine of the seventh part of RE Engine, which received a lot of positive a couple of years ago reviews from players and the press.

Old New Nightmare

At the first launch of the game, fans of the series will embrace a pleasant feeling of nostalgia – the favorite duet of the main characters, return to the good old Raccoon City and, of course, the same classic zombies. It may seem to beginners that the beginning of the story is too fast: here you get acquainted with the protagonist, master the control, kill the first walking dead man, and after only ten minutes you already wander around the main location, completely left to its own devices. 

Yes, RE2 really will not lead players by the handle, but it does not intend to show hostility. Now all the items found by the hero are highlighted on the map: if there is not enough space in the inventory, the hero can leave the find and, if necessary, return for it later. In addition to this, you will always know if there is anything useful left in the room (blue zone – nothing, red – you forgot something).

Interacting with items in your inventory is a special part of the gameplay. Firstly, in this way you can create medicines and ammunition by mixing herbs and gunpowder in different combinations. Secondly, some items can and sometimes even need to be combined with each other to further advance in the story or search for secrets. The authors have always generously rewarded particularly curious and ingenious players, and a remake in this regard was no exception.

The plot of RE 2 remained virtually unchanged. This is the same story about a rookie policeman Leon Kennedy, who arrived at the service after the spread of the virus, and student Claire Redfield, who went to Raccoon City in search of her brother. As before, you can play for both characters in two walkthroughs. This, it would seem, makes it possible to look at events from different perspectives, but everything turns out to be far from the way it was in the sixth part from its 3.5 campaign. 

Here, each protagonist has his own main storyline, his playable partner and even his main villain. However, at the same time, Leon and Claire will roam most of the game in the same locations, solve the same puzzles (in the second walkthrough they will become complicated, but this does not fundamentally change the situation), and the time allotted for the gameplay for the spy Ada and the girl Sherry , so insignificantly that one involuntarily wonders why the developers even gave control over these heroes.

For all the similarities, it cannot be said that the passage for Leon is completely identical to the passage for Claire. In addition to new replicas and intros, the characters will also find items unique to them and visit locations that are available only in one of the campaigns. Leon, for example, will run into Kendo’s gun shop familiar to fans of the series, while Claire will go to a new location – a shelter. In what order to pass RE2, the players decide for themselves, but to see all the content, get ready to go through the game four times: twice for Leon and two for Claire. Additional modes for Hank and Tofu cheese will also be a bonus, but they are needed only to test your skills.

The arsenal in RE 2 is decent, and there are exactly as many weapons as you need for a comfortable game. Each hero is armed with his own cannons, and this is also done in order to diversify the repeated passage. Having completed the campaign for Leon with a pistol and a shotgun, the players will have Claire at their disposal with a revolver and a grenade launcher. Some weapons can be upgraded with special parts hidden in drawers or safes.   

Horror atmosphere 

If the original left you indifferent to the plot of the game, then we hasten to disappoint – after more than 20 years, your attitude to it will most likely remain the same. The authors are trying to awaken in you, besides fear, other feelings, but for those who are already familiar with the horror of the 98th, it still looks awkward, faded and stamped. Players who are just getting acquainted with RE 2 will be able to predict any plot twist in advance, scolding the developers for themselves for being secondary. 

It is possible that this is partly the fault of the musical accompaniment, which, against the background of the previous parts, like Resident Evil 7, turned out, to put it mildly, not memorable. What can not be said about the sound – here he really came out delightful. A rainstorm outside the window, a growl of zombies behind the nearest door or a lick crawling on the ceiling create an indescribable atmosphere, and the tyranny’s heavy footsteps throughout the police station will make your heart beat faster each time. Therefore, a special pleasure from the game can be obtained by playing in the headphones.

Tyrant, aka T-00, aka Mr. X – an important element of the remake and, of course, one of its main advantages. Before its full appearance, the player manages to understand how the game world works, and on the basis of the knowledge he builds a certain tactic. But, as soon as the main character first encounters a monster, he, with his unexpected appearance, changes the rules of the game. From this moment, Tyrant will constantly pursue the survivors and will try to kill them. It’s easy to escape from him, but it is very difficult to do this in a narrow corridor with two or three zombies. Using a firearm is also becoming undesirable – the Tyrant will hear the shots and go straight to their source, that is, to you. 

As players in the original Resident Evil 2 remember, Mr. X is not the only strong threat. The main characters will come across several times with Dr. William Birkin, a once brilliant virologist who worked for Umbrella Corporation and ultimately decided to go against it. Being mortally wounded before the events of the game, he manages to introduce a G-virus into his body and eventually turns into a terrible monster. Fights with Birkin do not shine with variety. The main task of the players is to hit his weak spot several times, and then immediately retreat. And so you need to do this several times. When you repeat the battle with Birkin will take no more than 1-2 minutes.


Resident Evil 2 was impressive. Capcom managed to find the perfect balance of the remake, preserving the atmosphere of the original and introducing new and, most importantly, relevant game elements. But at the same time, after the completion of both campaigns, a strange aftertaste remains – you feel cheated. Starting the second walkthrough, you hope to see a completely different story, developing in parallel, but in the end you will follow the same (!) Steps to just see the new video. And if veterans of the famous series, already familiar with this feature, take it for granted, then it can scare away newcomers.

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