Chinese application seen as potential risk for election manipulation

Posted on by Neeraj Jivnani

The new Chinese application Zao, which allows users to insert their faces into the video of the hero from a film or series, can be used by attackers to create fake videos. This writes the newspaper, Guardian.

Opponents of the application, which became available for download at the end of August, accused him of violating privacy principles. Critics point out that with the help of this program it will be possible to create videos that can later be used to manipulate elections or to slander someone or even to provoke riots, spreading false information on a massive scale, the newspaper notes.

In addition, Internet users drew attention to one of the points in the Zao privacy policy, according to which the owners of the application have permanent, irrevocable rights to all content created with its help, with the right to transfer it to third parties.

The creators of the application have already responded to these claims. “We are sympathetic to claims made regarding confidentiality. We have received these comments and we will fix problems that we have not previously thought about, but it will take some time,” the Zao statement said.

The application became available for download on Friday, August 30, and soon began to gain popularity in China. To work with him, the user must take several selfies on which he blinks, moves his lips and so on. After that, he can insert his face to the heroes of films, TV shows, television shows, and other videos. The application can be downloaded from the App Store.

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