Chinese police finally release a Hong Kong consulate officer from its custody

Posted on by Neeraj Jivnani

Simon Chen, an employee of the British Consulate in Hong Kong earlier detained in Shenzhen, was released from custody, the Associated Press reported on Saturday, citing a police statement.

She said that Cheng was released after serving all 15 days of administrative arrest, as planned.

Chen’s release was confirmed at the British Foreign Office. “We welcome the release of Simon Chen and are happy that he can reunite with his family,” the agency’s official said.

Earlier, Chinese authorities reported that Simon Cheng, a 28-year-old employee of the British Consulate in Hong Kong, was detained for violating Chinese law. He was detained for 15 days in Shenzhen.

The consular officer did not return to Hong Kong, as planned, on August 9 after visiting the city of Shenzhen, where he took part in one of the events. Chen’s disappearance was reported by his Hong Kong friend, whom he announced on August 8 that he was going to return to Hong Kong on August 9 by high-speed train.

Officially, the Chinese authorities did not report why they detained Chen. Then, the Chinese national newspaper Global Times reported that a British consular officer had been detained for visiting a prostitute. Chen’s family then urged not to believe this publication.

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