Demo version of new Contra available on Xbox and Switch, coming soon on PS4

Hated by everyone, Konami is making a new Contra, due out in late September. Before the eyes of the developers, there are great indie examples in the form of the same Blazing Chrome, but for some reason they went beyond the canon and made the game in 3D. Contra: Rogue Corps is a mix of 3rd person action and a top-down twin stick shooter. You could even say “explosive mixture”: the trailer did not inspire confidence, but the game itself turned out to be much better. However, what is your trailer? The bold Konami made a free demo: for Xbox One and Switch can be downloaded right now, for PS4 will be available tomorrow.

Oddly enough, the game makes a rather favorable impression. The objects are three-dimensional, but the camera is controlled by an invisible director, which creates a feeling of a certain two-dimensionality. There is even a feeling of nostalgia – of course, not according to the original Contra with NES, but according to Hard Corps with Sega Megadrive. A panda and a bug, of course, are much more boring than a wolf and a robot, but no one bothers you with choosing a classic Schwarzenegger-like pitching (only he is available in the demo anyway) or a pretty girl. What is there to go on crucifying? If you once played Contra on 8 and 16-bit consoles, feel free to download and try it. Suddenly touches some still not rusted strings of the soul.

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