Democrats investigate Donald Trump’s proposal for a G7 summit

Posted on by Neeraj Jivnani

Democrats in the US House of Representatives Law Committee have said they will investigate President Donald Trump’s proposal to hold a G7 summit next year at a Florida resort.

“The president’s personal financial interests clearly formulate decisions on the official activities of the US government, and this is exactly the type of risk that should be prevented by the provisions of the Constitution on remuneration,” said the statement of the chairman of the legal committee, Jerrold Nadler and Steve Cohen, who heads the constitutional subcommittee, civil rights and civil liberties.

“This week’s revelation of efforts to select the Trump National Doral Miami as the venue for the 46th G7 Summit is just the final touch on the alarming picture of corruption and abuse of office,” lawmakers said.

According to them, in September they will plan hearings on the study of this issue.

“The constitution requires that President Trump’s private interests and official conduct remain separate from each other, and this latest announcement requires careful scrutiny by Congress,” they added, promising to examine the issue as part of an ongoing investigation into the president’s actions to determine whether there are grounds for impeachment in them.

At a G7 summit this weekend in Biarritz, Trump announced that his administration was exploring the possibility of holding a summit next year at the Trump National Doral Miami. According to him, he personally will not make a profit from choosing a resort.

“It’s not about me. It’s about finding the right place,” he said of his choice.

However, a final decision on the location of the next G7 summit has not yet been made. White House officials are also considering potential locations in several other states, including California, Colorado, Michigan, and Hawaii.

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