Easy Steps To Make Ringtones Without iTunes From Your Favorite Songs on iPhone, Free!

Easy Steps To Make Ringtones Without iTunes From Your Favorite Songs on iPhone, Free!

Personal phones are personal only when you have it your way. On any device, customization makes it your personal device because of default if it isn’t cool enough. Most of us like changing wallpapers and ringtones etc of our device to make it better while using. iPhones don’t allow a lot of customization like Android devices but users can still use the ringtones on them.

You can get your favorite music track to play on the calls as a ringtone. Normally it is easy to get a ringtone on iPhones just by using iTunes to buy one. You can buy any oh the music track from iTunes to set as a ringtone but sometimes you might not find your track. And it’s not always when you feel like making a purchase for ringtones.

Save The Track To Your Device

First of all, you need to get the music track you wish to use as ringtone on your device. This can be done by receiving the track from different apps. The tracks that are already on your device can be used to make ringtones as well. After you have received the music track save it to the iCloud drive. To do so tap on the file for some time and choose to save to files and add to iCloud.

Use The GarageBand App

Now you need to use the Garageband app. Open the audio recorder into this app. Tao the triangle icon on it. Now there is a brick set like icon tap on it to to get started with tracking.

Add The Track

On the top right side, there is an icon next to setting use this to add the music track you want to make a ringtone of. Select the audio file from the options. Opt for the song and get it to GarageBand.

Edit The Track

Now you can edit the music track to cut it from anywhere to get the perfect ringtone. Use the play sign to play it before you finish it.

That’s It!

Once done use the downward icon on the top left side of the screen and delete My songs to save the ringtone you made.

Now you have to long press on the song to get the share option. Delete ringtone in the share and enter the name of this to export it. After naming it just tap on export to finish it.

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