Hong Kong plans to amend law while protests continue

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Participants in Hong Kong protests consider concessions by local authorities are insufficient and intend to continue protests. This was reported by the Associated Press.

After the day before, on September 4, the head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, announced her abandonment of plans to amend the extradition law, which initially provoked protests, some activists took to the streets on the night of Thursday, September 5. They chanted the slogan: “All five requirements and none less.” However, we are not talking about mass protests.

The demonstrators are currently demanding an independent investigation into what they believe is the brutal and unlawful actions of the police against protesters. In addition, they advocate the immediate release of all detained protesters, as well as against equating protests with riots. The final point of their demands is to determine the head of Hong Kong through direct elections, without interference from the authorities.

Immediately after Carrie Lam announced her rejection of the amendments to the bill, calls for new promotions appeared on the online forums used by protesters. In particular, a mass demonstration is planned for Saturday, September 7. Protesters intend to block traffic connecting the center of Hong Kong and the airport.

Carrie Lam, for her part, called on the protesters to stop demonstrations and start a dialogue. She indicated that she understood their displeasure. According to her, she refused to amend the extradition law in order to “help prevent violence and stop chaos as soon as possible, restore public order and help promote the economy and improve living conditions.”

Mass protests in Hong Kong against protests of amendments to the law that would allow authorities to expel suspected criminals to mainland China began in June. Later they grew into riots and pogroms.

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