Scientists Explain How Drug Resistant Bacteria AppearTechnology 

Scientists Explain How Drug Resistant Bacteria Appear

Scientists have found that drug-resistant bacteria can spread not only due to the excessive use of antibiotics.

As experts at the Technical University of Zurich found out, resistance can be acquired through transmission of the resistance gene between microbes. One of the leaders of the scientific work, Mederich Diard, noted that limiting the use of antibiotics is very important, “however, this measure alone is not enough.”

The professor emphasized the need to prevent the spread of resistant bacteria through “effective hygiene or vaccination measures”.

Scientists have found that the main role in the mechanism of the spread of bacterial resistance is played by their particularly resistant representatives, known as persisters. When antibiotics are used against them, they temporarily fall into a “dormant” state.

For example, Salmonella bacteria that enter the body are able to “sleep” for months before “waking up”. After this, the infection defeated by antibiotics may flare up again, notes TASS.

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