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The son of President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, invited Primorye to cooperate in economic projects

Today Nicaragua is Russia’s main partner and ally on the American continent. The areas of interaction are the most diverse: politics, trade, investment, culture, tourism. But this is nationwide. And this Republic in Central America is interested in building relations with the Primorsky Territory. And the possibilities for implementing the announced projects are virtually endless.

During the days of the Eastern Economic Forum, a delegation of Nicaragua visited Vladivostok. It was headed by the personal secretary of the President of the Republic of Nicaragua on national policy issues (in the rank of Minister) Paul Okist Kelly. Among the members of the delegation is Presidential Plenipotentiary for Investment and Cooperation with the Russian Federation, Laureano Ortega Murillo. Yes, yes, the son of President Daniel Ortega. As it turned out, Primorye and Nicaragua have a lot of common ground. The Republic has an idea, a project for implementation, Primorye in this case is ready to offer technology, specialists, and experience. But first things first.

You can’t name the country’s fast-growing economy, the reason lies in the consequences of the economic embargo and destruction during the long civil war. But the Republic does not stand still. So far, construction, tourism, the food industry, textile production, and the banking sector occupy leading positions in terms of growth rates. And against this background, Nicaragua has a desire to bring economic relations between our countries to a new level, while using the potential of the regions. “We are looking for opportunities where projects in Nicaragua would be interesting in the Far East, we are looking for areas for investment, and so that interest is mutual,” said Paul Okist Kelly.

The meeting was held at the site of the Chamber of Commerce of the Primorsky Territory. And the vice-president of the Chamber, Mikhail Veselov, noted that a sufficient number of CCI members, the diverse business and activities of the Chamber create conditions for assisting in the implementation of plans with Far Eastern companies. “It may be interesting for Nicaraguan business to participate in projects implemented on the territory of the Free Port of Vladivostok and in the TOPs. To promote tourism, you can use a platform such as the Pacific Tourism Forum. In the region, the practice of receiving business delegations is well established, when guests are introduced to enterprises of the Primorsky Territory. Development of the Northern Sea Route – the attention of different countries of the world has been attracted to this project, ”voiced Mikhail Veselov the most significant projects that are being implemented in Primorye.

Nicaragua is interested in the supply of beef through the port of Vladivostok. In the Republic, the main livestock industry is cattle breeding, mainly meat production. Nicaragua cannot take full advantage of the food embargo against Russia, but there is and does not fade away interest in expanding cooperation. Nicaraguan beef suppliers have weight, various certificates and accreditations necessary for export, and here Primorye is not averse to find those who are ready and can do this. Laureano Ortega Murillo added that they are interested in the practical side of those projects that they would like to implement in this territory of Russia, i.e. in the Far East.

“We have the potential for fish processing, but this requires technology. And you have them. And here, Primorye can help the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. We are also interested in building new ports – our port in the Pacific is already old. When constructing new ports, we are ready to buy new modern equipment. And here cooperation with Vladivostok companies will be useful – they could cooperate with Nicaragua in the field of modernization of port facilities and operator activities. At present, the country does not have a powerful port on the Caribbean coast, and therefore there are many difficulties and financial costs due to logistics. To solve this problem, Nicaragua is interested in the construction of an iron railroad through the country – from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. Another project which the Republic intends to implement is the construction of a modern airport in Managua. And here we are also ready to consider options for technical cooperation, ”said Ortega Jr.,“ anchor ”projects for future cooperation.

Representatives of the American continent emphasized that the advantage of Nicaragua in its geographical position is the very center, South and North America on the sides, and in the middle the Caribbean. By the way, if one of the Far Eastern companies is interested not only in the construction of facilities, but also in investing in designated projects, then as they say Por favor.

“Primorye can cooperate with Nicaragua on all positions, except perhaps for the construction of the railway. It’s a pity that we have not met before. So much time is wasted. I believe that both parties need to draw up a plan and begin to implement it. In early October, an international congress of fishermen will be held in Vladivostok. And it would be a great success if the delegation of Nicaragua took part in it with their interest in fish processing technologies and fishing for deep-sea shrimp, ”Mikhail Veselov emphasized. As it turned out, the likelihood of the participation of specialists from the Nicaraguan Institute of Fisheries and industry representatives is very high.

“We heard that the Primorsky Territory wants to make a transport hub at home. We want to make a hub in Nicaragua, geography allows it. Why not combine these two hubs with a common line for the organization of transit schemes of cargo flows? ”, The members of the Nicaraguan delegation voiced another proposal. For the successful implementation of future plans, the parties decided that it would not be bad to create a Chamber between the countries. This will create the conditions for doing business and form a convenient framework for work.