The US Justice Department accuse a former FBI head in violation of rules

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Former FBI chief James Komi violated agency rules by divulging proprietary information, the Associated Press reported on Thursday, citing a report by the U.S. Justice Inspector General.

It notes that Komi violated the rules of the FBI by transferring classified information containing official information to a friend, whom he instructed to share these materials with a journalist.

We are talking about notes made by Komi during his personal conversations with US President Donald Trump.

In addition, the Justice Ministry said that the ex-head of the FBI did not inform after leaving the department that he had some of the official documents in his safe in his home.

“Komi has set a bad example for more than 35,000 current FBI employees and many thousands of former employees who also have access and are familiar with information for internal use,” the report said.

The ex-head of the FBI, in turn, said that he considers his memos “personal documents” and not government ones, and therefore does not consider himself a violator.

In May 2017, Trump dismissed Komi from the post of Director of the FBI for “ineffective leadership of the bureau.” Komi was investigating violations of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s official correspondence rules, which, in the opinion of the US Democratic Party, could lead to electoral defeat. Komi also investigated the possible interference of Russia in the American elections and the ties of Trump’s election campaign with Moscow.

In April last year, memoirs of a former FBI director called A Higher Loyalty was published. After this, Trump’s criticism of Komi intensified.

The US president tweeted that “James Komi is a recognized leak organizer and liar.” Trump said that Komi arranged for a leak of classified information and for this “he should be brought to justice in court.” In addition, the president accused Komi of lying under oath before Congress.

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